Endless Horizons

Welcome to Nerath


Our adventure begins on the deck of the Mudskipper, currently crossing the Great Blue towards the continent of Nerath. A group of like-minded individuals have booked passage, with the intention of finding fame and fortune on the recently re-discovered land mass. On the final night of their voyage, a storm approaches and devastates the ship, causing it to flounder and break apart along the rocks near the shore. The PCs are washed ashore, waking with the dawn to witness the wreckage of their ship and the survivors deciding what to do.

The captain of the ship, Merrill, gathers his remaining sailors and heads towards Balustrade, their original destination, and the place that Merrill can get passage back to Palenth.

A merchant from Yarnath named Duncan has to get to the town of Fallcrest, to the west, despite losing his cargo in the shipwreck. Since his escort was also killed in the wreck, he offers the PCs a contract to make sure he arrives safely to Fallcrest.

A third group, led by a strange missionary named Belby, decides to stay on the beach, at the site of the wreck, in the hopes of being saved the “Bringer of Light”, a god that Belby has prayed to and assured his acolytes will help them.

About half an hour into their journey to Fallcrest, Gregor spots a raiding group of Bugbears heading towards their direction. Keeping silent, the group evades detection, but quickly realizes that this raiding party is heading towards the smoke from their ship – and the hapless missionaries on the beach! Not strong enough to take on the bugbears themselves, Rinn decides to shape change into an eagle and fly over the raiders to the beach, warning the humans and (eventually) convincing them to flee the area.

The PCs continue on a westerly path through the forest with Duncan, eventually locating the Old King’s Road, which leads to Fallcrest. Along the way, they come upon a river and a pair of individuals at the bridge crossing. Approaching by herself while the others keep watch, Rinn has an uneasy conversation with the pair and starts to back away, but not before being stabbed and ambushed!

A fight breaks out between the PCs and the bandits, with the end results seeing the bandits dead, along with Duncan, who took a crossbow bolt to the chest and bled out. Before dying, he gives the PCs a sealed scroll and asks them to deliver it to Santima, a wizard in Fallcrest. Undeterred, the group continues their journey, intent on delivering the letter. With only a few coins in their pockets, they eventually reach the outskirts of town…


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